GEM 2022 Registered Participants

Total Registered 319
Total number of Students 116
Total number of attendees for the Joint GEM-SHINE Day 159
Last Name First Name Affiliation Status Registration
Lu Xi University of Alaska Fairbanks Student Complete
Lysak Bob University of Minnesota Scientist Complete
Lyu Xingzhi West Virginia University Student Complete
Ma Donglai UCLA Student Complete
Ma Qianli Boston University and UCLA Scientist Complete
Ma Xuanye Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Scientist Complete
Majmudar Khilav University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Student Pending
Maldonado Carlos Los Alamos National Laboratory Scientist Complete
Marshall Robert University of Colorado Boulder Scientist Complete
Martin Wesley Andrews University Student Complete
McDougall Emily University of New Hampshire Student Complete
Mei Yang University of Colorado, Boulder Student Complete
Merkin Slava JHU/APL Scientist Complete
Meyer-Reed Conrad Boston University Student Complete
Michael Adam JHU/APL Scientist Complete
Millan Robyn Dartmouth Scientist Complete
Min Kyungguk Chungnam National University Scientist Complete
Mouikis Christopher UNH Scientist Complete
Mukhopadhyay Agnit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/American University Scientist Complete
Mukundan Raman University of New Hampshire Student Complete
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