The Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) program is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Atmospheric Sciences initiative to coordinate and focus research on the near-earth portion of geospace from the lower ionosphere to where the earth system interacts with the solar wind. The purpose of the GEM program is to support basic research into the dynamical and structural properties of geospace, leading to the construction of a global geospace general circulation (GGCM) model with predictive capability. The GGCM effort has evolved into the Global System Modeling (GSM) Research Area. The strategy for achieving GEM goals is to undertake a series of campaigns and focus groups, in both theory and observational modes, each focusing on particular aspects of the geospace environment.

Conference Information

The venue for our 2022 mini-GEM meeting in Chicago is the Hilton Chicago Hotel (720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago). The meeting will take place on December 11th (Sunday prior to the start of the AGU meeting) from Noon to 7:00 pm Central Time. The format of the meeting is in-person, however individual focus groups can choose to support a virtual component as well.

New Focus Group

The GEM SC is now accepting proposals for one new Focus Group (FG). The official GEM FG proposal guidelines are detailed in the GEM Bylaws, under Focus Groups: https://gem.epss.ucla.edu/mediawiki/index.php/GEM_Bylaws. Please note the 4-page limit, pay special attention to the 9 proposal requirements. Each FG proposal team will have the opportunity to present their proposal in person at the mini-GEM meeting in Chicago.

Proposals are due Thursday, December 1 at 5 pm PDT. Please send them to the GEM Chair (akellerman@epss.ucla.edu) and Vice Chair (christine.gabrielse@aero.org).

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Support for this workshop is made possible by the National Science Foundation.

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