VGEM 2021 Registered Participants

Total Registered 505
Total number of Students 204
Last Name First Name Affiliation Status Registration
Delano Kevin UTSA/Southwest Research Institute Student Complete
Delzanno Gian Luca Los Alamos National Laboratory Scientist Complete
Denton Richard Dartmouth College Scientist Complete
Derr Jason Rice University Scientist Complete
Desai Manal NJIT Student Pending
Dewey Ryan University of Michigan Scientist Complete
Di Matteo Simone CUA/NASA-GSFC Scientist Complete
Dimmock Andrew IRF, Uppsala, Sweden Scientist Complete
Dorfman Seth Space Science Institute Scientist Complete
Dredger Pauline The University of Texas at Arlington Student Complete
Drozdov Alexander UCLA Scientist Complete
Duderstadt Katharine The University of New Hampshire Scientist Complete
Echterling Nicole UCLA Student Complete
Edlefson Elijah University of MIchigan Student Complete
Edmond James UNH Student Complete
El Alaoui Mostafa NASA-CCMC/CUA Scientist Complete
Elkington Scot LASP, University of Colorado Scientist Complete
Elsden Tom University of Leicester Scientist Complete
Engebretson Mark Augsburg University Scientist Complete
Engel Eric Montana State University Student Complete
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