GEM Registration Workflow

The GEM registration and payment systems are independent of each other. When you register, you will receive an email that indicates how much you owe for registration + any guests. When you pay, PayPal will provide a receipt for your payment. After you have registered and made your payment, Umbe will send a confirmation email that states that your registration is complete. This final step is done by hand, so there could be a delay.

Note that you can make a payment for registration and guests all at one time, however you have to choose "Continue Shopping" when you get into the PayPal system and navigate back to the GEM payment page to add the next item. Apologies for the inconvenience in the non-nominal workflow for that process.

Please sign up on the GEM mailing list as this may be used for communication about the workshop. GEM Messenger subscription:

Workflow for Scientists

Register for GEM here.
Make your payment here.

Workflow for Students

If you are applying for financial support (deadline April 8, 2022), apply here.
Have your advisor submit a recommendation here.
Register for GEM here.

Umbe will review your financial support applications and make a decision regarding support. When that decision is made, you and your advisor will receive emails indicating the decision. You will then work with Umbe to purchase your airfare and hotel. Please do not purchase any tickets on your own. Umbe will purchase them for you.

Graduate students, if you have received financial support for travel, remember that you MUST attend student day and that you MUST present a poster.

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