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Oleksiy Agapitov Ionosphere dynamics from the VLF/HF magnetic field detector ground-based measurements 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Christian-Andrew Todd Bagby-Wright Fate of Plasmasphere Material: The affects of Recirculated Plasmasphere on the Ring Current. 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Grant Berland The AEPEX Mission: Detecting Localized Energetic Particle Precipitation through Bremsstrahlung Photon Imaging from Low Earth Orbit 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Matthew Blake Cooper Middle Energy Inner Magnetosphere (MEIM) Particle Model 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Matthew Blake Cooper Middle Energy Inner Magnetosphere (MEIM) Particle Model 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Seth Dorfman Non-applicability of the Plane Wave Approximation near the Edge of a Wave Domain 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Pauline Marie Dredger Investigating the effect of interhemispheric asymmetries on model prediction of magnetopause crossing by spacecraft 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Alex Glocer The Storm Time O+ Ring current Imaging Evolution (STORIE) mission 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Katie Herlingshaw Characterizing Mesoscale Fast Flow Channels in the Polar Cap Ionosphere 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Man Hua Ensemble Modeling of Radiation Belt Electron Flux Decay Following a Geomagnetic Storm: Dependence on Key Input Parameters 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Jinbei Huang Modeling the Effects of Drift Orbit Bifurcation on Radiation Belt Electrons 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Jeremiah William Johnson Understanding Auroral Morphology through Self-Supervised Machine Learning 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Scott Karbashewski Counter-Streaming Whistler Waves in the Solar Wind: Observations from Parker Solar Probe 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Galina I Korotova THEMIS observation of Pc5 pulsations in the morning and evening sectors of the magnetosphere 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Bharat Kunduri An examination of magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling during STEVE 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Xuanye Ma Asymmetric Kelvin–Helmholtz instability 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Wesley Martin Transfer Entropy Approach to Identifying Cross-Scale Coupling in Simulations of Kelvin-Helmholtz Structures 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Wesley Martin An Information-Theoretical Approach to Analyzing Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Processes in Hybrid Simulations 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Niloufar Nowrouzi Variation of Ionospheric O+ and H+ Outflow Regarding Storm Timescales 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Connor OBrien Neutral Network Models of the Near Earth Solar Wind and Magnetosheath 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Hannah Grace Parry Validation of Differential Magnetometer Measurements of GICs on Alberta's High Voltage Network 05. Global System Modeling
Sarah Ann Peery Effects of Shearflow on Relativistic Reconnection
Ramiz A. Qudsi Reconnection X-line location: A comparative study of models 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Riley Anne Reid Development of a radiation belt electron detector using coded aperture imaging 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Hector Angel Salinas Statistical Analysis of Electric Currents within the Magnetosheath using Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission Data 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Michelle Leanne Salzano Substorm onset related ULF waves 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Harneet Kaur Sangha Analysis of dB/dt During Substorms 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Maria Voskresenskaya Relation between plasmapause location and radiation belt electron fluxes in the inner magnetosphere 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Raymond Walker A Particle-in-Cell Simulation of the Formation of the Partial Ring Current 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Chen Wu Auroral Characteristics under Control of AU & AL Indices 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Zhiyang Xia Whistler Waves Above the Lower Hybrid Frequency in the Ionosphere and Their Counterparts in the Magnetosphere 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Kateryna Yakymenko Numerical Studies of Plasmapause Boundary Layer Instabilities 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Tomotsugu Yamakawa Excitation of two types of storm-time Pc5 ULF waves by ring current ions based on the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupled model 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Young Dae Yoon Current sheet relaxation process and implications for bifurcated structures 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet


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