VGEM 2021 Registered Participants

Total Registered 552
Total number of Students 217
Last Name First Name Affiliation Status Registration
Sibeck David NASA/GSFC Scientist Complete
Sigsbee Kristine University of Iowa Scientist Complete
Silva Graziela INPE, Brazil Student Complete
Simms Laura Augsburg University; University of Michigan Scientist Complete
Singer Howard NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Scientist Complete
Sinha Shipra Indian Institute of Geomagnetism Student Complete
Sitnov Mikhail JHU/APL Scientist Complete
Smirnov Artem GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences Student Complete
Smith Austin University of Alaska, Fairbanks Student Complete
Soni Pankaj Research Scholar Student Complete
Sorathia Kareem JHUAPL Scientist Pending
Sotirelis Thomas JHUAPL Scientist Complete
Spence Harlan University of New Hampshire Scientist Complete
Srivastava Priyank University of Lucknow Student Complete
Srivastava Neha University of New Hampshire Student Complete
Staikos Mathew Royal Military College of Canada Student Complete
Staples Frances MSSL, UCL Student Complete
Starkey Michael Southwest Research Institute Scientist Complete
Stephens Grant JHU/APL Scientist Complete
Strangeway Robert EPSS/UCLA Scientist Complete
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