VGEM 2021 Registered Participants

Total Registered 552
Total number of Students 217
Last Name First Name Affiliation Status Registration
Nair Manoj University of Colorado Scientist Pending
Nakamura Rumi IWF/OEAW Scientist Complete
Naldoza Van Galaxy Boston University Student Complete
Narock Ayris NASA GSFC / ADNET Systems Inc. Scientist Pending
Newheart Anastasia Rice University Student Complete
Ng Jonathan University of Maryland Scientist Complete
Ngwira Chigo ASTRA LLC Scientist Complete
Nikoukar Romina JHU/APL Scientist Complete
Nishimura Toshi Boston University Scientist Complete
Noh Sungjun CSTR/NJIT Scientist Complete
Nosé Masahito Nagoya University Scientist Complete
Nowrouzi Niloufar University of New Hampshire Student Complete
Nurhan Yosia Andrews University Student Complete
Nwankwo Onyinye University of Michigan Student Complete
Nykyri Katariina Embry-Riddle Scientist Complete
O'Brien Connor Boston University Scientist Pending
Ohma Anders Birkeland Centre for Space Science, University of Bergen Scientist Pending
Ohtani Shin JHU/APL Scientist Complete
Olabode Ayomide Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria Student Complete
Olifer Leonid University of Alberta Student Complete
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