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mayowa adewuyi Global Observation of a CME Driven Event 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Subash Adhikari Shear in Hall Magnetohydronamic Turbulence: A Third-Order Analysis 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Arya S Afshari Landau Damping of Turbulent Energy in Magnetosheath Plasma as a Function of IMF Orientation at the Bow Shock 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Qusai Al Shidi A Statistical Study of Simulated Storms 05. Global System Modeling
Mergen Alimaganbetov ULF Waves Produced by the Ionospheric Feedback Interactions at Middle Latitudes. 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Takanobu Amano Theory and observations for electron acceleration at the bow shock 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Varvara Andreeva Omega band magnetospheric source location: a statistical model-based study 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Vassilis Angelopoulos First results from the ELFIN mission and equatorial spacecraft conjunctions 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Vassilis Angelopoulos Magnetospheric convection during storms and its relation to non-storm times 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Akhtar Ardakani Influence of heavy ions on magnetotail reconnection rate- MMS preliminary results 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Homayon Aryan Global map of chorus wave scale sizes in the inner magnetosphere 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Homayon Aryan The response of ionospheric currents to different types of magnetospheric fast flow bursts using THEMIS observations 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Fatemeh Bagheri An overview of ionospheric currents on October 8-9, 2012: A CUSIA Event Study 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Shanshan Bao Modeling the Geospace Plume in a Magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere Coupled System 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Mahmud Hasan Barbhuiya Electron heating by magnetization in dipolarization fronts in Earth’s magnetotail – Theory, Simulations, and Observations 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Muhammad Fraz Bashir Energetic electron precipitations by combined effect of ULF, EMIC, and whistler-mode waves 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Naoki Bessho Electron acceleration by electron-only reconnection in the Earth's bow shock 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Matthew Joseph Blandin A Comparative Study of LSTM Neural Networks and Linear Regression for Geomagnetic Disturbance Predictions in Alaska 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Austin Michael Brenner SOLSTICE - Terrestrial Impacts: Detailed study of energy transfer at the magnetopause surface 05. Global System Modeling
Kelly Cantwell BARREL Observations of Microbursts 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Luisa Capannolo The drivers and properties of relativistic electron precipitation 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Hsinju Chen N+: Journey to the Dark Side 05. Global System Modeling
Thomas Y Chen Modeling the lower ionosphere using computer vision and remote sensing 05. Global System Modeling
Sanjay Nathan Field Chepuri A Statistical Study of Magnetopause Boundary Layer Electrons Using MMS 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Peter J Chi The Surface Magnetic Assessment in Real Time (SMART) Ground-based Magnetometer Network: An Update 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Seung Ho Choi Whistler waves generated by electron beams on the separatrix during asymmetric guide field reconnection 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Xiangning Chu Forecasting Relativistic Electrons in the Outer Radiation Belt using a Neural Network Approach (FRENA) 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Xiangning Chu Morphological Characteristics of STEVE Emissions 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Seth G Claudepierre The AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy 'Nomination Task Force': Promoting Equal Representation in Scientific Honors
Austin David Cohen The Intersection of Outreach, Education, and Machine Learning: SPACE WEATHER UNDERGROUND (SWUG) 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Matthew Blake Cooper Results of a polynomial model recreation of inner magnetospheric flux measurements taken by the Van Allen Probes RBSPICE mission 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Matthew Blake Cooper Results of a polynomial model recreation of inner magnetospheric flux measurements taken by the Van Allen Probes RBSPICE mission 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Mike Kavanagh Coughlan Using OMNI and SuperMag data to determine the risk of db/dt threshold exceedance with Deep Learning. 05. Global System Modeling
Shane Coyle Ground magnetometer and SuperDARN observations during periods of east-west aligned IMF 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Morgen Nelson Crow Monte-Carlo simulation of thermal exospheric hydrogen atoms: Preliminary Results 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Kevin Delano Time Lag of the Dayside Magnetosphere’s Response to Large Changes in the Solar Wind He++/H+ Ratio 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Richard Eugene Denton Polynomial reconstruction of magnetic reconnection events with integrated determination of structure velocity 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Jason Robert Derr A New Way to Include Inertia in the Rice Convection Model 05. Global System Modeling
Simone Di Matteo Magnetosphere's Response to Solar Wind Periodic Density Structures: a case study 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Elijah Grey Edlefson Exploration of Time Lag Conditions in the Dungey Cycle Throughout Various ICME Events 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Mostafa El Alaoui Particle Injection into the Inner Magnetosphere: An MHD with Embedded PIC Simulation 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Mark J. Engebretson MMS observations of waves in the Pc1 band with constant frequency across L shells: Wave curl analysis 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Wondwossen Wubie Eshetu Simulations of ring current ion loss during storms using RAM-SCB model with field line curvature scattering 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Adetayo Victor Eyelade Influence of MHD turbulence on ion Kappa Distributions in the Earth's Plasma Sheet as a function of Plasma Beta Parameter 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Fira Fatmasiefa Evaluating Different Magnetic Indices as Inputs for a Representative Model of Radial Diffusion 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Cristian Ferradas Observations of Density Cavities and Associated Warm Ion Flux Enhancements in the Inner Magnetosphere 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Rachael Jo Filwett Statistical examination of solar energetic proton access to the inner magnetosphere 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Haobo Fu Frequency-dependent responses of plasmaspheric hiss to the impact of an interplantary shock 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Konstantin Gamayunov Source of Nonthermal Seed Fluctuations for EMIC Waves 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Longzhi Gan Dependence of Nonlinear Effects on Whistler-mode Chorus Wave Bandwidth and Amplitude: A Perspective from Diffusion Coefficients 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Dillon McKenzie Gillespie The Global Mapping of Electron Precipitation and Ionospheric Conductance from Whistler Mode Chorus Waves. 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Niharika Hemendra Godbole Observations of Ion Upflow in Conjunction with Pulsating Aurora 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Humberto C Godinez Data Assimilation for RAM-SCB usin Van Allen Probes Observations 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Tamas I Gombosi SOLSTICE: Terrestrial Impacts 05. Global System Modeling
Gilda de Lourdes González Spread-F occurrence during geomagnetic storms near the southern anomaly crest in South America 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Oswald Didier Franck GRODJI A study of solar flare effects on the geomagnetic field elements during solar cycles 23 and 24. 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
David Paul Hartley Chorus Wave Properties Near Plasmaspheric Plumes 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Justin Holmes How do we handle magnetospherically reflected waves in ray-tracing models? 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Ilja Honkonen Towards global magnetohydrodynamic simulation of all ACE data 05. Global System Modeling
Jinbei Huang Modeling the effects of drift orbit bifurcation on radiation belt electrons 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Sheng Huang Modelling Global Plasmaspheric Density Using Recurrent Neural Network 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Abdelaziz Mohamed Hussein A Statistical Study on the Inner Magnetospheric Signatures of Subauroal Ion Drift (SAID) and Subauroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Daniel Iong Interpretable machine learning methods for forecasting SYM-H index 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
TreShunda James Estimate of Interhemispheric Conductivity Differences During Solstice Using SME and IMF Bz 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Jaewoong Jung Development of a simplified magnetosheath model based on MHD, gas-dynamic and analytic models 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Primoz Kajdic Causes of jets in the quasi-perpendicular magnetosheath 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Sergey Kamaletdinov Slow electrostatic solitary waves in the Earth's bow shock 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Roxanne M Katus Plasma sheet activity: as seen by TWINS 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Myeong Joon Kim A Case Study of Asymmetric H+ Field-Aligned Distribution in the Outer Magnetosphere 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Naritoshi Kitamura Energy Transfer Between Hot Protons and Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves in Compressional Pc5 Ultra-low Frequency Waves 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Jasmine Rokka Kobayashi Investigating the Role of Solar Wind, IMF, and Geomagnetic Index Data on the Performance of a Ground Magnetometer Prediction Model 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Galina Korotova THEMIS observations of compressional pulsations with double frequencies in the morning side of the magnetosphere 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Ilya Kuzichev Whistler Wave Generation Around Interplanetary Shocks 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
SANG-YUN LEE Simulating Radiation Belt Dynamics using DREAM3D model during Entire 2017 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Solene Lejosne Thermospheric Neutral Winds as a Driver of the Earth’s Inner Radiation Belt 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Jinxing Li Unveiling the frequency and bandwidth of chorus spectral gaps 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Yuxuan Li The Characteristics of Three-belt Structure of Sub-MeV Electrons in the Radiation Belts 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Jing Liao Statistical study of heavy ion with MMS/HPCA 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Mei-Yun Lin N+: Gatekeepers of Ionospheric Outflow 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Terry Zixu Liu Statistical study of foreshock ion conditions for the formation of HFAs and FBs 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Jiang Liu Embedded Regions 1 and 2 Field-Aligned Currents: Newly Recognized From Low-Altitude Spacecraft Observations 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Xu Liu A Parametric Study of Oxygen Ion Cyclotron Harmonic Waves by an Oxygen Ring Distribution 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Xi Lu The Statistical Study of Foreshock Density Holes 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Xingzhi Lyu Event Studies on the Magnetopause Shadowing Loss of Ring Current Protons 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Longxing Ma Statistical Characteristics of the 39 keV Proton Isotropic Scattering Region (ISR) and its Relationship with Field Line Curvature Scattering 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Donglai Ma Modeling the dynamic variability of sub-relativistic outer radiation belt electron fluxes using machine learning 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Khilav Majmudar Numerical Investigations of the Ionospheric Alfven Resonator for a realistic ionosphere - First results 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Andrew Marshall Lower Hybrid Drift Wave at a Secondary X-line on the Dayside Magnetopause 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Naomi Maruyama Toward self-consistent coupling between Ring current, Radiation belt, and Plasmasphere: Coupled CIMI-IPE 05. Global System Modeling
Andrew Menz Investigating Substorm-Related Flows and Plasma Sheet Thinning Using Multi-Point Spacecraft and All Sky Imager Data 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Kyungguk Min Proton scattering by magnetosonic waves at perpendicular propagation: Comparison between QL theory and TP calculation 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Raman Mukundan Forecasting Geomagnetically Induced Currents with a Global Machine Learning Model 05. Global System Modeling
Anastasia Michele Newheart Plasma Bubble Growth Rates during Geomagnetic Storms 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Jonathan Ng Bursty magnetic reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause triggered by high-speed jets 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Niloufar Nowrouzi The variation of ionospheric O+ outflow during ICME and SIR driven sawtooth events 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Yosia Ivander Nurhan The Role of Driver Variability on the Waiting Time Distributions of Substorms 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Charles Owolabi Ionospheric Current Variations under different Solar Activity Conditions: Empirical Orthogonal Function Analysis 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Yulu Peng Statistical properties of chorus-induced electron flux bursts with butterfly pitch angle distribution observed by Van Allen Probes 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Victor Pinto Determination of the baseline skill of a ground magnetic field perturbation forecast using deep learning 05. Global System Modeling
Kris Pritchard Reconnection Rates at Dayside Electron Diffusion Region's under Various Parameters 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Murong Qin Global ULF modulation of energetic electron precipitation 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Lutz Rastaetter Geospace model access with the open source Kamodo analysis software. 05. Global System Modeling
Pedro Alberto Resendiz Lira Enabling Cold Plasma Measurements Through Active Spacecraft Potential Control 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Rachel Rice MMS Observations of Non-Adiabatic Heating in the Lower Latitude Boundary Layer during Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Anthony Jason Rogers Applying Scalar Parameters to Identify Tail Reconnection Regions using MMS 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Sina Sadeghzadeh Development of drift-dispersed flux dropouts: RCMI results 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Rhyan P. Sawyer TRICE 2 Observations of Drifting Ion Upflows within the Cusp 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Michael Schulz Analytical Properties of Mead's Simplified Magnetosphere 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Yangyang Shen Electron precipitation driven by kinetic Alfvén waves associated with magnetic field gradients 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Xiaochen Shen Statistical Analysis of Wave Normal Angle of Lightening-Generated Whistlers using Van Allen Probes Waveform Observations 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Xiaofei Shi Whistler Mode Waves in the Compressional Boundary of Foreshock Transients 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Chen Shi Stability of the magnetotail current sheet with normal magnetic field and field-aligned plasma flows 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Xueling Shi Characterization of High-m ULF Wave Signatures in GPS TEC Data 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Shiru Shong N+: A Possible Gatekeeper for Surface Water 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Mykhaylo Shumko On the Surprising Correlation Between Relativistic Electron Microbursts and Patchy Aurora 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Laura Laura Simms Removing cycles from space weather data: A comparison of spectral subtraction and differencing 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Artem Smirnov Storm-time evolution and empirical modelling of equatorial electron pitch angle distributions based on Van Allen Probes data 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Austin Smith Modeled Joule Heating Variations during the 2013 and 2015 St. Patrick's Day Geomagnetic Storms 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Anatoly V. Streltsov MAGNETOSPHERE-IONOSPHERE INTERACTIONS NEAR THE PLASMAPAUSE 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Dominique LeeAnn Stumbaugh Comparing POES and Van Allen Probes electron flux measurements during magnetic conjunctions 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Weiqin Sun Development of Multiple Injection Channels during a Sawtooth Substorm Event 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Xingbin Tian Statistical relations between ionospheric conductances and the precipitating electrons 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Joel Tibbetts Comparing Tail Dynamics Using TWINS and THEMIS 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Riley Troyer Understanding the higher energies of pulsating aurora through a statistical study with the Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Ethan Tsai ELFIN Observations and Modeling: Energetic Electron Losses due to Non-Linear Resonant Scattering by Chorus Waves 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Elizabeth Vandegriff Small Scale dB/dt fluctuations: Resolving and Exploring Spikes in Global Models 05. Global System Modeling
Andrew Vu Hybrid Simulations of a Tangential Discontinuity-Driven Foreshock Bubble Formation in Comparison with a Hot Flow Anomaly Formation 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Nehpreet Kaur Walia Study of Slow-mode Shocks in Magnetic Reconnection Based on Hybrid Simulations and Satellite Observations 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Shan Wang Lower-hybrid drift waves and their interaction with plasmas in a 3D symmetric reconnection simulation with zero guide field 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet
Xiantong Wang Geomagnetic storm event simulation using a global MHD with adaptively embedded particle-in-cell (MHD-AEPIC) model 05. Global System Modeling
Wenrui Wang Effects of ion slippage in Earth's ionosphere and the plasma sheet 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Wenrui Wang Magnetospheric source and electric current system associated with intense SAIDs 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Dong Wei A Magnetospheric Driver of Westward Traveling Surge: Plasma Sheet Bubble 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Aaron Flavius West Field Line Resonance Frequencies at Earth and Jupiter 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Colin William Wilkins ELFIN Observations of the Electron Isotropic Boundary 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Daniel Distance Williams Ducting Parameters of Whistlers in High-Density Ducts 03. Inner MAGnetosphere
Chen Wu The Feature Tracking Empirical Model of Auroral Precipitation (FTA) and the Effects of AU&AL indices, IMF-By, and Tilt Angle on the Auroral Emission 04. Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling
Chi Zhang N+: a Damper for the Ring Current Strength 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Kun Zhang Global structure and properties of ULF waves in the ion foreshock observed in a Hybrid-Vlasov simulation. 01. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction
Xu Zhang Beam-driven ECH waves: A parametric study 02. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet


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