VGEM 2020 Registered Participants

Total Registered 737
Total number of Students 217
Last Name First Name Affiliation Status Registration
Vu Andrew Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Student Complete
Vuelta Rojas Martin UNMSM / SoftButterfly Student Complete
Vuorinen Laura University of Turku Student Complete
Walia Nehpreet University of Tokyo Student Complete
Walsh Brian Boston University Scientist Complete
Wang Wenbin NCAR/HAO Scientist Complete
Wang Shan Univ of Maryland, College Park Scientist Complete
wang rongsheng University of science and technology of china Scientist Complete
Wang Yuxian National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences Student Complete
Wang Boyi University of Alaska Fairbanks Scientist Complete
Wang Zihan University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Student Complete
WANG CHIH-PING UCLA Scientist Complete
Wang Ningchao Hampton University Scientist Complete
Wang Mengmeng Shandong University Student Complete
wang yabing UNH Student Complete
Wang Dedong GFZ-Potsdam Scientist Complete
Wang Rachel UC Berkeley, Space Sciences Lab Student Complete
Webster James Rice University Scientist Complete
Wei Dong Beihang University Student Complete
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