VGEM 2020 Registered Participants

Total Registered 737
Total number of Students 217
Last Name First Name Affiliation Status Registration
Olifer Leonid University of Alberta Student Complete
Olowookere Akinola University of Alberta Student Complete
Omelchenko Yuri Space Science Institute Scientist Complete
Omidi Nick Solana Scientific Inc. Scientist Complete
Onsager Terry NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Scientist Complete
Ozeke Louis University of Alberta Scientist Complete
Ozturk Dogacan Jet Propulsion Laboratory Scientist Complete
Padilha Antonio Brazilian National Institute for Space Research - INPE Scientist Complete
Panasenco Olga Advanced Heliophysics Scientist Complete
Pandya Megha Research Associate Student Complete
Papitashvili Vladimir National Science Foundation Scientist Complete
Park Jeewoo University of Maryland Baltimore County Scientist Complete
Park Inchun ISEE, Nagoya University, Japan Student Complete
Patel Maulik HAO Scientist Complete
paterson william NASA Scientist Complete
Patterson James Fundamental Technologies, LLC Scientist Complete
Paulo Claudio Studient at Mackenzie Univercity Student Complete
Paulson Kristoff Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Scientist Complete
Payne Dominic University of New Hampshire Student Complete
Payne Dominic University of New Hampshire Student Complete
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