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mayowa adewuyi Plasma Sheet Ion Temperatures and Connection to the Ionosphere
Subash Adhikari Is reconnection a cascade process?
Oliver Allanson Using Driven Particle In Cell Simulations to Examine Electron Diffusion by Whistler Mode Waves
Livia R. Alves Understanding how recurrent solar wind structures drive whistler mode chorus waves in the outer radiation belts
Xin An Excitation of time domain structures around injection fronts in the inner magnetosphere
Homayon Aryan Cluster Observations of Equatorial Magnetosonic Waves: The Chirikov Resonance Overlap Criteria
Fatemeh Bagheri Correlation between Solar Wind Density and Ionospheric Electrojets during the Main Phase of Magnetic Storms
Christopher Bard Tail Asymmetries in a Hall MHD
Muhammad Fraz Bashir The First Observation of N+ EMIC Waves
Sarah Bentley Teasing physics out of parameterised, statistical models: a random forest model of ULF wave power
Naoki Bessho Kinetic instabilities that drive magnetic reconnection in the Earth's quasi-parallel bow shock
Stefano Bianco Machine learning models of the plasmasphere using solar wind and geomagnetic indices.
Matthew Blandin Prediction of Geomagnetic Field Disturbance at College Alaska using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks trained from OMNI and superMAG 2010-2011 datasets
Austin Michael Brenner Defining the magnetopause and plasmasheet in 3D MHD simulation for global energetics analysis
Brandon Lee Burkholder Resolving Azimuthal Gradients in the Solar Wind with the L1 constellation
Luisa Capannolo Energetic Electron Precipitation Observed by FIREBIRD-II Driven by EMIC Waves: Location, Extent, and Minimum Energy from a Multi-Event Analysis
Sebastian Cervantes Understanding the dominant loss mechanisms of radiation belt dropouts by means of data assimilation
Peter Chi The Surface Magnetic Assessment in Real Time (SMART) Magnetometer Network: Science Goals and Implementation Plan
Michael K Coughlan Training a Neural Network using geomagnetic storm data to predict ground magnetic field fluctuations
Shane E Coyle Ground Magnetometer ULF Wave Observations at the Convection Reversal Boundary During Sustained Periods of Dominant IMF By
Darren De Zeeuw Kamodo: Python Visualization of Scientific Output
Kevin Delano Composition Changes in the Solar Wind and in the Dayside Magnetosphere
Richard E Denton Demonstration of polynomial reconstruction program for use with MMS data
Pauline Marie Dredger Case Study of Possible Closure via Birkeland Currents of Bow Shock Current Seen by MMS
Junfeng Du The Acceleration of Energetic Electron Triggered by Interplanetary Shock in the Dayside Magnetosphere
Katharine A Duderstadt Using FIREBIRD-II and Van Allen Probes Observations to Estimate the Impact of Radiation Belt Electron Precipitation on Atmospheric NOx and O3 during Electron Loss Events
Mark J. Engebretson Nighttime magnetic perturbation events observed in Arctic Canada: Superposed epoch analysis
Wondwossen Eshetu Empirical formula for loss rate of ring current ions by magnetic field line curvature scattering.
Victor Adetayo Eyelade Variation of the parameters of ion and electron distribution functions with plasma beta parameter: Themis observations.
Michael Alan Gadbois Spatial-temporal dependence of ground magnetic field perturbations on solar wind parameters determined using neural networks
Longzhi Gan Formation Mechanism of butterfly distribution bursts: test particle and quasilinear simulation
Don E George Energized Oxygen in the Magnetotail: Onset and Evolution of Magnetic Reconnection
Dillon McKenzie Gillespie Direct derivation of diffuse electron precipitation and ionospheric conductance from the lower-band chorus wave activities during quiet and disturbed geomagnetic activities

Niharika Hemendra Godbole RENU2 Rocket Observations of Fine-Scale Thermal Ion Upflow, Downflow, and Temperature
Ashley Greeley Evolution of pitch angle distributions of relativistic electrons during geomagnetic storms: Van Allen Probes Observations
Colby Haggerty Hybrid Simulations of the Non-Resonant Streaming Instability Upstream of the Quasi-Parallel Bow Shock
Michael Hartinger Analysis of the radial phase space density profile during Pc5 ULF wave events
Marissa Leigh Hedlund Direct entry and radial dependence of O+ in the near-Earth plasma sheet
Shannon Catherine Hill Magnetosonic Waves: Impacting the Oxygen Dynamics in the Inner Magnetosphere
Isabella Maria Householder Observations of Van Allen Radiation Belt Electron Precipitation during Satellite Conjunctions of FIREBIRD-II and POES
Chia-Lin Huang Quantifying Radiation Belt Electron Precipitation and Its Effect on Atmospheric Chemistry
Jinbei Huang Quantifying the transport of radiation belt electrons due to drift orbit bifurcation
Sheng Huang Hiss in the plasmasphere and plumes: Global distribution from machine learning technique and their effects on global loss of energetic electrons
Hongtao Huang On the effect of a guide field on the secondary energy dissipation region in magnetic reconnection : Particle-in-cell simulations
TreShunda James Estimate of Interhemispheric Conductivity Difference Using SME and IMF Bz
Jaewoong Jung Case studies of the Earth's exospheric neutral density near the subsolar magnetopause using XMM-Newton soft X-ray observations and OpenGGCM global MHD model
Roxanne Marie Katus TWINS Derived Magnetospheric Ion Temperature
Roxanne Marie Katus TWINS Derived Magnetospheric Ion Temperature: Plasmasheet Injection Detection
Hyomin Kim Observations of wave-particle interaction associated with EMIC waves during injection events
Hyomin Kim Interhemispheric Ground Responses to Hot Flow Anomalies
Myeong Joon Kim Analysis of H+ Asymmetric Pitch Angle Distributions Observed by MMS HPCA
Naritoshi Kitamura Modulation of energy transfer between hot protons and electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves by compressional Pc5 ULF waves
Ilya Kuzichev Whistler anisotropy and heat flux instability in the solar wind: PIC simulations
Ilya Kuzichev Energization of relativistic electrons by the lightning generated whistler-mode waves
Erin H Lay Investigations of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling During the September 2017 Storm
Solene Lejosne 'Zebra stripes' in the Earth's inner belt and slot region: Recent Advances and Perspectives
Mei-Yun Lin Determine the transport of the neglected N+ ions in the Earth's polar wind
Terry Zixu Liu ARTEMIS observations of foreshock transients in the midtail foreshock
Jianghuai Liu Investigating the Effect of Inductive Electric Field on the Kinetic Evolution of Ring Current Ion Species
Yuequn Lou Diffuse auroral electron scattering by electrostatic electron cyclotron waves in the dayside magnetosphere
Xi Lu Statistical Study of Foreshock Density Holes
Xingzhi Lyu Radial diffusion of Protons in inner magnetosphere
Donglai Ma Modeling the Earth's Magnetic Field using Physics Informed Neural Networks
Donglai Ma Modeling the Earth's Magnetic Field using Neural Networks
yuzhang ma westward travelling surge driven by the polar cap flow channels
James C McCrum Dat Mass: Does Ionospheric Outflow Wag the Magnetotail?
Brett McCuen Characterization of short-timescale geomagnetic fluctuations and risk assessment of subsequent transient induced currents
Agnit Mukhopadhyay Global Driving of Auroral Conductance - Balance of Sources & Numerical Considerations
Dominic Payne Energy Transfer Mechanisms within a Magnetotail Reconnection Exhaust
Vyacheslav Pilipenko Polar cap ULF pulsations: Coordinated Radar-Magnetometer Observations in Antarctica
Victor Alejandro Pinto A deep learning approach to the ground magnetic field perturbations GEM challenge
Kristina Renee Pritchard Methods for Reconnection Rate at the Magnetopause: 12/29/2016 Event
Timothy Raeder Quantifying Electron Precipitation from the Van Allen Radiation Belts
Rachel Rice Characterizing Cross-Scale Energy Transport Within the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability
E. Joshua Rigler Imputation of Geomagnetic Disturbance Fields with Nonlinear Regression Based on Synthetic Data
Anthony Jason Rogers Magnetic Field Line Curvature Vector Analysis near Tail Reconnection Regions
Jasmine Kaur Sandhu ULF Wave Driven Radial Diffusion During Geomagnetic Storms
Jasmine Kaur Sandhu Challenging the Use of Ring Current Indices During Geomagnetic Storms
Rhyan Patric Sawyer TRICE 2 Observations of Low Energy Magnetospheric Ions in the Cusp
Michael Schulz Analytical Properties of Mead's Simplified Magnetosphere
ZUBAIR IBRAHIM SHAIKH Evolution of quasi-2D magnetic structure within the Earth's Magnetosheath
Prayash Sharma Pyakurel Enhanced Reconnection Rate in Three-Dimensional Electron-Only Reconnection
Xiao-Chen Shen Periodic Rising and Falling Tone ECH Waves
Xueling Shi Interhemispheric Observations of Ground Responses to Upstream Transients
Jason Shuster Observational Verification of the Electron Vlasov Equation with MMS
Graziela Belmira Dias da Silva Radial diffusion analysis of radiation belt electron dropout during a moderate storm from the descending phase of solar cycle 24
Laura Simms The Combined Influence of Lower Band Chorus and ULF waves on Electron Flux (>0.23 to > 2.9 MeV)
Frances Staples Do statistical models capture the dynamics of the magnetopause during sudden magnetospheric compressions?
Michael Joseph Starkey The effect of Mach number on accelerated He+ pickup ions downstream of Earth's quasi-perpendicular bow shock
Shengjun Su The influence of low-energy electron flux in simulating satellite surface charging environment and particle precipitation
Rhys Thompson Pro-L* - A probabilistic L* mapping tool for ground observations to the magnetic equator
Xingbin Tian Investigating energetic ion precipitation effects on ionosphere associated with field line curvature and EMIC wave scattering
Riley Nathan Troyer An Ongoing Statistical Study of Pulsating Aurora and its Impact on M-I Coupling
Elizabeth Vandegriff Small Scale dB/dt fluctuations: Resolving and Exploring Spikes in Global Models
Andrew Vu Statistical Study of Substructures in Foreshock Transients
Nehpreet Kaur Walia An Analysis of Slow-Shock and Slow Shock-Like Structures Observed in the 2D Hybrid Magnetic Reconnection Simulations
Dedong Wang Controlling Effect of Wave Models and Plasma Boundaries on the Dynamic Evolution of Relativistic Radiation Belt Electrons
Dong Wei Intense dB/dt variations driven by near-Earth bursty bulk flows (BBFs): A case study
Aaron Flavius West Mapping and Modeling Kinetic Field Line Resonances
Sajila Dimagi Wickramaratne Deep Neural Network Based Ground Horizontal Magnetic Component Prediction System Using Solar Wind Data
Brian Daniel Wilcox Analyzing Van-Allen Probe FLR frequencies in Python
Waqar Younas Global and Regional Ionospheric TEC variations during geomagnetic storms
Xiao-Jia Zhang Spreading of Magnetopause-Generated Ultra-Low-Frequency Perturbations and the Associated Whistler Modulation
Liheng Zheng A universal kinetic equation solver for radiation belts
Minghui Zhu On the ion precipitation due to EMIC waves and field line curvature (FLC) scattering and their subsequent impact on the ionosphere


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