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01. Testing Proposed Links between Mesoscale Auroral and Polar Cap Dynamics and Substorms
03. Merged Modeling & Measurement of Injection Ionospheric Plasma into the Magnetosphere (M3I2) and Its Effects -- Plasma Sheet, Ring Current, Substorm Dynamics
04. ULF wave Modeling, Effects, and Applications
05. Modeling Methods and Validation
06. Dayside Kinetic Processes in Global Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction
07. Magnetotail Dipolarization and Its Effects on the Inner Magnetosphere
08. 3D Ionospheric Electrodynamics and Its Impact on the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupled System (IEMIT)
09. Magnetic Reconnection in the Age of the Heliophysics System Observatory
11. System Understanding of Radiation Belt Particle Dynamics through Multi-spacecraft and Ground-based Observations and Modeling
12. Particle Heating and Thermalization in Collisionless Shocks in the MMS Era
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