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NOTE: When submitting your poster, please DO NOT USE DOUBLE QUOTES ". Please replace double quotes with single quotes '. For security reasons, any text following double quotes will be removed and your poster title will be incomplete.

Submit poster titles by July 1, 2021.

More information about posters for VGEM 2021 can be found on the Poster Information page.

Poster submission is not complete unless you receive an e-mail from confirming your submission. Please check that you have received the confirmation e-mail and keep it for your records in the event that we need to refer to it at the conference.

As the conference approaches, you should upload your poster file to the virtual workshop platform. You will also find guidance about uploading an accompanying video that explains your poster. Access to the virtual workshop platform will be given to attendees as the conference approaches. To receive this information, you MUST register for VGEM.

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1. Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction (SWMI)
2. Magnetotail and Plasma Sheet (MPS)
3. Inner MAGnetosphere (IMAG)
4. Magnetosphere – Ionosphere Coupling (MIC)
5. Global System Modeling (GSM)
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